ABF Research


ABF Research supports decision-making within public and private clients through the provision of information, research, consultancy and software. We are headquartered in Delft, The Netherlands, home of the renowned Technical University. Our people are specialised in data collection and organization, statistics and the development of mathematical models as well as software development. ABF Research focuses on three areas:

  • Demography and Housing
  • Land use and Economics
  • Healthcare and Public Facilities

ABF Research collects and maintains data from more than 100 suppliers. ABF Research is specialised in the creation of forecasts. We developed and operate the Dutch standard model for forecasting demographics, housing demand and housing stock. We have models for simulating the effect of Government measures on the housing market. We build client-specific and generic models in multiple real estate related areas and for the labour market. We are continuously engaged in expanding and improving our ability to help our clients meet new challenges.

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